We are surrounded by colors.

Literally. Not a day passes without colors invoking emotions. Nobody wants to live in a grey world, certainly not the people of Triade!

Triade is a well-known and leading co-manufacturer, with extensive finishing options, well acquainted with carefully selected factories all over the world for almost any dye for almost any application. Since our establishment in 1946 we have delivered the necessary dyes to a large variety of customers. Our goal is to supply you with any dye you might need, when you need it. We deliver about 10.000 tons of dye a year.


Chemische Fabriek Triade (CFT) entered the market in 1946 as a manufacturer or synthetic dyes for the textile industry. Thanks to years of good contacts with users and manufacturers around the world, the product range could be expanded with dyes for Leather, Paper and other non-textile applications and today it covers dyes for a wide variety of applications. Meanwhile, our current activities are supported by staff with a wealth of experience, both in the field of development and application.

Every year, we delivery thousands of tons of quality dyes to over 70 countries around the world.


Our basic objective is delivering high quality products and customer oriented solutions. This requires investments in time and research. That is why we pursue long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our factory and buyers. In this, we never lose sight of our social and ecological responsibilities.