Quality is a key word in the business of Triade

We don’t only guarantee the quality of the dyes we supply, we also give great priority to the quality of our services.

Every application has its quality

The dyes of Triade are suitable for many applications. Specific dyes exist for textile, leather and paper, but also for wood stains, inks, flowers, plastics and countless of other applications. The application largely determines the quality requirements the colorant has to meet.

Full transparency

It goes without saying that Triade complies with all international rules and we also pay a lot of attention to our responsibilities with regard to the environment. Regarding to the supplied products by Triade, we are deemed to comply with proffesional and ethical standards as they tend to apply in the Netherlands. High and constant quality is guaranteed by means of certificates of conformity and of analysis. This way, we meet the requirements of an increasing number of ISO certified customers. In addition, each shipment is accompanied by Safety Data Sheets. These describes the hazards of a product and explains how a product can be safely handled, used and stored.

For questions or comments about the quality and composition of our products, please contact our technical help desk: