Environmental report
<environmental report as of 01.01.2012>

In our company, we attach great important to the care for the environment. In our company we ensure the best possible situation in which we burden the environment as little as possible. Below, you’ll find a selection of the measures we have already taken.

In the manufacturing and processing of the dyes, the dust of the dye is collected in bins using exhausting systems. Other waste products are collected (cleaning machines etc) in a large storage tank, which is frequently emptied and processed in a cleaning tank.
The product is separated in solid substance (chunks) and liquid, mainly water.
The water is cleaned in accordance with local requirements and disposed of through the sewer system. The solid substance is disposed of in accordance with legal requirements (with prescribed document) and this serves as fuel for incinerators.

We receive the following packaging from our suppliers:
1. Iron barrels
2. Cardboard boxes/paper
3. Plastic barrels
4. IBC
5. Plastic inner packaging
6. Wood waste

1. If the packaging is still in good condition and meets the legal requirements, this packaging will be reused. If it no longer meets the requirements, we will dispose of the packaging in an environmentally friendly manner. Iron vessels are disposed of to an iron processing company that assesses the quality and sort it for recycling in blast furnaces.
2. Cardboard packaging/paper will be disposed of through a paper processing company. This company will sort this stream waste for reuse.
3. In general, plastic packaging can be reused. This waste stream is small. This product is disposed of to a company that takes care of recycling (raw material)
4. lBC is inspected and is available as packaging for a certain period of time (expiration date).
Once the expiration date is up, the IBC is disassembled. Metal is disposed of (see 1), plastic material, see 3.
5. Plastic inner packaging. These are mainly plastic bags. These are disposed of through the paper processer for recycling.
6. Wood/pallets and other wood waste
Pallets are frequently assessed and repaired where necessary.
Pallets tat no longer meet the European directives are collected by a wood processing company. Plastic pallets have a long lifespan and will often be reused. In other cases, a recognized company will destroy them.

Wiping cloths. (warehouse/laboratory)
After use, these are stored in the designated collection bins.
These are collected periodically and cleaned for reuse.

Other waste.
There are waste bins at various locations. These waste bins are emptied frequently and stored in a waste container (press container). A recognized company empties the waste container 6 to 8 times a year in accordance with local directives.

Energy. Our company consumes gas and electricity, as well as time switches to limit consumption. Locations in warehouses can be locked. We frequently pay attention to opportunities to limit the use of energy. Currently, the time switches are being refined even more. We are investigating how we can reduce our consumption of gas by replacing equipment. Except for the servers, computers are shutdown at the end of the workday. We use electrical forklifts in the warehouses (4) and manufacturing areas. Electrical forklifts are preferred over forklifts with a fuel meter for the internal transport.

Production areas. (4)
The production areas and warehouses are cleaned frequently.
The floors are cleaned at least once a week. A sweeper is available.

Fire prevention is available, as well as in-house emergency services.

We pay a lot of attention to the consumption of energy of PCs and printers.
Cartridges are bought through the office supply chain and disposed of through our software supplier for recycling.

Decommissioned computers are rid of their data. These are then disassembled by our software supplier to the extent possible, and disposed of properly. Parts are reused.

Office waste.
Where possible, office waste is reduced to a minimum.

Given our objective, we carefully monitor the latest technology with regard to recycling and we will respond immediately in case it allows us to better manage our waste streams.