Code of Conduct

Principles of Social Responsibility

Sustainable management is for Triade BV an essential part of the corporate culture. The company stands by this social responsibility and declares the following principles.

Human rights and legal compliance
We respect human rights and in all countries the respective laws, values, standards and social systems.

Ethical behavior
Our standard goes beyond the exclusive observance of laws and other binding regulations. We expect our employees to behave ethically in their business activities and in all related situations. Our managers fulfill their function as role model.

We do not tolerate any kind of discrimination with regard to sex, age, race, nationality, disability, religion, social origin and sexual orientation. We advocate equal opportunity.

Fair business practices
We achieve our market position through the excellent quality of our products and services as well as our performance. We do not apply any unfair commercial practices for the purpose of competition to the detriment of our competitors or other market participants.

Child labor
We condemn child labor and observe the legal regulations for the minimum age of all employees.

Forced labor and punishment
We condemn forced labor and the corporal punishment, threats and harassment of employees.

We condemn any kind of corruption. Legal prohibitions apply to transactions between companies as well as to contracts with politicians and public officials.

Political independence is of the importance utmost. We commit ourselves to party political neutrality.

Freedom of association
We recognize the right of our employees to freedom of association. We work together on a basis of trust with employee representatives.

Fair wages and working hours
Wages, social contributions as well as working hours comply with the minimum statutory applicable local standards.

Health and safety
We protect our employees against hazards in the workplace and support health promoting measures. Employees are to strictly follow internal safety procedures, including the protection of Triade’s intellectual property information (especially when using electronic/internet media).

Product safety and product quality
We are aware that the safety and reliability of our products are the basis of our success. It is our standard to offer our customers impeccable high quality products. Our quality management is, for this purpose, an integral part of all our operations. We comply with the legal requirements regarding quality and safety and strive to exceed them.

Environmental protection
We design our products, services and processes to be environmentally compatible and energy efficient. We comply with environmental requirements in all our operative areas and use natural resources responsibly.

Data protection and security
The protection of the personal data of our employees, customers and suppliers is of high importance to us. Therefore, we only collect, store or process personal data if this is necessary for legally allowed purposes. Our IT systems are duly protected by firewalls.